8corpses – hoodlum testo

attendere prego...

permanent sabbatical
psych ward patient
i’m not a lyrical miracle
feeling like a vegetable
i’m a fiend for the psychoactive chemicals
if motherf+ckers got an ego
bigger than my extendo
gotta cut em off pr+nto
no one knows insanity
until you find yourself talking to the pharmaceuticals
maybe it’s time take a field goal
instead of a ball
imma kick the f+ckin bucket
well f+ck it
trauma has consumed me
and it’s caused a ruckus
can’t even function
i don’t really know how imma make it
i wanna hang like the drip in my closet
should of been born in the renaissance
maybe then i wouldn’t been slept on
i’m a patron of the morbid
just like anubis
mixing up chemicals like paracelsus
got a temper like it’s celsius
i’ll make their place go up in flames
i won’t hesitate
to pull a jesse james
i’ll hit a l!ck on you anyday
i’m candid to the point
i’m a loco gringo
i got blood on my hands just like padre pio
it’s like the ides of march
you better pay up
or imma rip you apart
rip you apart

gotta crush on my pharmacist
she fills my scripts
gotta love a b+tch
that has substance
if you’re 12
go f+ck yourself b+tch
parasitic sh+t
hope you die in a ditch
hoe ass b+tch
come suck my d+ck
f+ck you and your whole bloodline b+tch. please don’t reproduce
go seppuku
addicted to the pills
fighting the urge
to bite the steel
wanting to die is my achilles heel
a bullet will probably be my last meal
life is but a blip
i keep my 40 at my hip
cause i love to sip
puffing on a zip
i’ll never be a simp
even if i’m rich
i’ll still hit a l!ck
then proceed flip
then i dip
feelin like
a liaison for the lost
lanyard on my neck contains an upside down cross
checking amazon for deals on a belt
cause i still wanna be frugal if i k!ll myself
la born and raised
moved to the bay
knock on wood
that i make it another day
you can see it in my face
imma climb
to the top
just to fall off
i won’t ever be famous
cause i’m a f+ck up

- 8corpses testo

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