8corpses – frenzy testo

attendere prego...



i know that he a p+ssy
i can see it in his eyes

i can see it on his shirt
be cuz
he wearing vineyard vines (x2)

logging on to twitter now a days is like a carnival
these m+th+ f+kkas clowns!!
got no humor and it’s horrible
you talk a buncha sh+t!
i’ll break ya jaw bone on that marble
sell ya golden tooth and buy some work that’s
over chargeable

b+tch we got the crack!
talking rock this ain’t a movie b+tch

suck up on my d+ck or hit
dairy queen +gemme a
smoothie b+tch
do and say + what i want
just like you been onna roofie binge
imma put this bullet down yo throat + suck on my
tooly b+tch

i know that he a p+ssy
i can see it in his eyes

i can see it on his shirt
be cuz
he wearing vineyard vines (x2)


just smoking my dope
craving that rope
like it’s hacksaw ridge
most of my life has been a drug binge
feeling like a trash bin
i won’t even need a weapon
imma send your ass to heaven
wear your bone fragment as a pendant
but i’ll cover it up like it’s nine eleven
you won’t even see it coming
like a pit maneuver
leave you rotting
with the maggots in manure
it don’t f+cking matter
if i die it’s whatever

- 8corpses testo

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