8corpses – existential crisis testo

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im jaded
i’m livid
i’m faded
just hallucinated
throwing off my homeostasis
maybe i should
coin flip
like metallica’s b-ssist
cause i wanna die
f-ck a vibe
i’m hurting inside
wanna commit suicide
cause i hate my life
i’m walking on thin ice
how can a thought
hurt this f-cking much
my own voice inside my head saying your not enough
i wake up everyday suicide plaguing my brain
by the time i go to bed i’m thinking the same
no one in my life really knows this pain
i want to k!ll myself every second of the day
it will get better is what they have to say
and honestly
i wish i had it that way
im a recluse
alone with all these issues
i have family and friends with their own avenues
maybe here and there i receive an i love you
but suicide is definitely on my menu
i feel like a fluke
my death is way overdue
the only reason i’m alive
is i don’t want to end up in the icu
i’m not someone you should envy
soon to hit obituary
just a fading memory

- 8corpses testo

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