8corpses – evil that i bring testo

attendere prego...

igniting the blunt with a zippo
i’m that accidental psycho
behemoth like a hippo
we don’t speak the same lingo
f+ck a riot
i’m a kamikaze pilot
i’ll hit you where the heart is
i don’t need a clique for it
i’m psychotic
i got a committee
that will run sh+t
been a psycho ever since a kid
i think age 4
i paint houses
ar15 make the blood pour
make these motherf+ckers hit the floor
watch em stampede
pulling out the glock 19
while puffing on some weed

issa light show
with a laser beam
put it on a pedos head
make em go to sleep
better call it
cause if i pull up
imma put you in a coffin
shawty said she said love me
but i know she bluffing
most of my life i’ve been hoping
that i’m dying
but what i didn’t realize
is you’re dying when you’re living
flip the script
might as well die to live
gone with wind like a tumble weed
never following through with things
you don’t want this evil that i bring

- 8corpses testo

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