8corpses – diabolic testo

attendere prego...

motherf+ckers have the audacity to walk up to me
can’t believe the sh+t that they be asking me so comfortably
f+ck em all, they moving so happily in they f+ckery
the way i’m moving so fluid it got em wondering why

all my locals slept on reckless
i guess it’s for the best or better so i just accept it
they cannot digest the pressure leave em in the wreckage
i won’t go to heaven so i’m living with the message

i got a f+ckin nun hoe sucking all my demon
these rappers talking gung ho i ain’t ever seen em do it
ima let my gun blow, leave em holes, em leaking thru it
it’s all in the past, i ain’t goin back

i’m doing the most, no sh+t
like what is this growth supposed to give
i’m beating the f+ck out a poster kid
they goin out broke they don’t exist
we put him to flame and roasted him
yea i’m moving coast to coast wit it
we caught him at night and roped his sh+t
we made him a ghost and rode the whip

keep that same energy
i know you wouldn’t
you’re impotent
i got your blueprints
from your data footprint
won’t leave no fingerprint
i’m stomping in your skull
if you speak on my name
better know your role
f+ck a firearm
i’ll hit ya with my fists
turn your eyeball
into a bobber for the fish
travis pastrana with this sh+t
you know i’m flipping bricks
if you see me posted up
you know i ain’t no b+tch
cause i’m in my bag
like john dillinger
voices in my head telling me to go massacre
i’m not myself
when i am sober
straight hustler
savant of sleight hand
hoodwink you outta your bands
i know how to pickpocket
but i’ll social engineer you for your wallet
watch you getting doxxed
then sim swapped
for the h+ll of it
corpses don’t play along with all that f+ck sh+t

- 8corpses testo

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