8corpses – cxrpses testo

attendere prego...

you want war want smoke p+ssy n+gga he gon fold
under pressure
watch his brain
collapse and you don’t even know
told her she the one i want
my blood cold my heart is froze
keep it in the down low
isolate don’t let me go
im feeling down so ima sleep
not gon eat and i’ll repeat
hate you n+ggas so much
like why the f+ck you even breathe

empty the clíp until you bleed
i got ashes on my jeans
smoke a cigarette and leave
the empathy inside of me
leave that sh+t inside a box
and disappear with f+cking ease
girl i hate this f+cking scene
you know that you the one i need
they gon listen when i’m gone
but for now i’ll write this song
found my partner like a swan
i shoot a n+gga like im sp+wn
now his body on the floor
told him he ain’t want that war
don’t call my phone i’m gone ignore
im not the n+gga you adore

if we die there ain’t no rain check
we ain’t coming back
you know you’re f+cked
when the drugs stop bein fun
i’m a woebegone
seeing red like ob1
just like with everything else
imma die out
only thing left will be these lyrics from my mouth
don’t wait for the he+rs+ to take you away from the church
bound for the dirt
i’m a pending corpse
paul revere with this hip hop
these raps are a cake walk
cause everything i say is real talk
2 steps ahead
never acting primitive
the walking skeleton
putting out more than arbitrary expletives
i get sensitive
because my life is often negative
between my psychosis and dead relatives
vicious cycle gets repetitive
depressions my impediment
my life is tentative
but i love my medicine
getting lit like edison
high off these sedatives
got a limp like bonnie
but corpses needa shawty
like bonnie to clyde
a real ride or die
but i still covet

- 8corpses testo

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