8corpses – ave satanas testo

attendere prego...

[shadow puppet]:

cadavers in my brain
i lock a box up hiding pain
these evil thoughts won’t go away
i’m leading armies to the grave
c+ck that pop that .44 g
8corpses lay that hrb
seppuku let that blood flow out my body
cause i make it rain
tanto blade cause it cut so clean
before i die gotta make a scene
detectives think that they murdered me
but we all dead with that bl++dy gleam
rising from the grave
sun rays burn my flesh away
skin melt necro that regime
kinda like anti messiah
back from death but i burned in the fiya
never gon’ see my face
just like kitana
reaper incarnate i’m thinking like nada
b+tch i am gonna be slicing my dagger
get out in yo place
cutting with a blade
shadow gonna slay
chopping a b+tch into pieces
that butcher don’t f+ck with these
you do not f+ck with us

chris hansen with the f+cking strap
megans law a predator to trap
imma f+ckin snap
snap them in half
like a f+ckin glow stick
i’m a lunatic
i dont need no amnesty
imma vigilante
but if they
ever come for me
suicide by cop
be my destiny
chop up a ch0m+s body
i wont ever say sorry
hang em by their f+cking feet
slit their f+cking throat
watch em bleed
struggling to breathe
ill be cackling
once they’re dead
dismember their limbs
like mr potato head
slit my f+cking wrists
like i’m hannah baker
downing whiskey like its water
no chaser
drug abuser
avid sinner
evil motherf+cker

- 8corpses testo

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