8corpses – 5150 testo

attendere prego...

it’s the motherf+cking schizo
suicidal klepto
finna go psycho
if i wanna steal something
i’ll take ya f+cking life
i’m not bluffing though
i don’t need to act loco
i got the records to show
this ain’t a persona
depression inertia
it’s all vice versa
bipolar mania
cut your f+cking trachea
i don’t give a sh+t
homicide on my mind b+tch
it’s relentless

temper like i’m kemper
strapped like a sniper
evil motherf+cker
always feeling somber
k!ll you in your slumber
temper like i’m kemper
strapped like a sniper
evil motherf+cker
i can turn yo b+tch to a fiend
make her pop a bean
then she drop to her knees
sucking on my d+ck
like she’s pumping gasoline
shawty keep bouncing like a trampoline
rattle that ass like a tambourine
smoking on my dope
whatcha need
i got my street family
right behind me
if i make a movie
your body
will make a cameo
when i pull up
with some shooters
we ain’t talking video
make you see the light
sh+ts a f+cking idiom
you’re headed to the crematorium
empty your ashes in a stagnate aquarium
that’s verbatim

i am the h+llsp+wn
that the fiends fawn
tagging up your block
my f+cks are just vacant
if you know me
that is just blatant
inner desire to wanna deface sh+t
most y’all motherf+ckers are parasitic
probably offered your favorite rapper acid
i’m your plugs plug just to be candid
i won’t get caught lacking
i’m the emo hood hippie
these demons within me
make me wanna crawl outta my skin
getting high like jim morrison
from the psych medicine
sh+t is poison
it’s counterintuitive
wanna die out like philip seymour hoffman
will a bullet be my last cuisine
life is overwhelming me

- 8corpses testo

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