8ball & mjg – long distance (intro) testo

attendere prego...

[eightball & mjg]
-phone rings-
what’s up, boss?
what’s up, mj? what’s goin’ on, my n-gg?
sh-t, ain’t too much, mayne; just getting this grip, mayne
yeah, you still in memphis?
you need to come on down, mayne, so we could finish up this album
yeah, i hear we got some fire plans in store for the next tape
yeah yeah, it’s gon’ be the sh-t for the 9-4
yeah yeah yeah, i know. i’ve been working on some fresh rhymes, and uh, i just know it’s about that time to go and let ‘em know that the pimps are gonna take over around this joint, boss
yeah yeah, look…
huh, what’s up?
i done made your reservations, man; all you gotta do is go to the airport and pay for the ticket
straight up?
yeah yeah
okay. well, uh, sh-t, man, i got about a half o of haze, man
bring ‘em wit’cha; i got a couple of tight stallions from the shake club, boy
alright. sh-t, dawg, man, you know them folks been f-ckin’ wit’ a n-gga at the airport and sh-t, man
ay, f-ck them folks, man
sh-t, man, yeah, handle some travel, man
h-ll yeah—but ay, be on the flight, dawg; we gotta go on and do this sh-t
alright, boss

- 8ball mjg testo

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