88mac196 – gulag testo

attendere prego...

tell a n+gga we ain´t shooting the 30        i´m shooting this 40 forty you know it is a homi choppa left a n+gga body looking like a acid on a zombie
45 is covid +19 catching bodies ,putting n+ggas on ice no hockey girl i need her legs on my shoulder , like a yogi practing yoga
, f+ck you one time then yo crush could keep yo
now you belongs to street lil mamas a treesha
i never two f+cks about a b+tch only the breesha i had done seen ,close friends ,switched up on me
like a swift then n+ggas started being a phoney , i remember being hoopty
yea chilling with groupies
f+cking b+tches after movies
gang stacking blue cheese
rock a n+gga sh+t no popeyes pieces, hallow yo sh+t fly like a loose leaf
i remember juournies on two feet now you see in that whip 2 seat

- 88mac196 testo

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