88-keys – 21 & over testo

attendere prego...

[intro: detroit emeralds]
there’s a little for me somewhere
there’s a sweet little girl who really cares
she goin’ to heaven, where i’m all alone
gonna stand besides me, make her hot at home
i don’t care, wake up
it’s big sean

[chorus 1: big sean]
she under 21, n-gga
she under 21, uh
started to leave, she said she won’t believe that my friends and me
under 21

[verse: big sean & detroit emeralds]
ain’t my girl, so it’s no lies
always dressed up but with her, it’s no ties
got up in the game, she ain’t finna foul her
got a couple friends, go ahead and divide ’em up
there’s much suggested, i’m well respected
she know i can get more connects than i dialed up (d-mn)
and she prolly got a dream to follow, huh
at the same or at least model
prolly a model so she prolly’ll swallow
more than her pride for the end of the night, right?
man, she so naive, finna hit the club with a bog-id
she prolly better off with no id
tryna make a bill like mr. o’reilly, d-mn
she need a man, i hope that she find one
i’m nineteen, paid like i’m ninety one, so huh

[chorus 2: big sean & detroit emeralds]
i’m under (21) but my money over (21)
she think that she grown, live off paying the phone bill but still
she under (21, 21), n-gga, she under (21)
started to leave, she said she won’t believe that my friends and me
is under (21)

[outro: big sean & detroit emeralds]
n-gga, n-gga
just my live for twenty years
i’ve got to find now, don’t care how i live
you won’t be able to hide

- 88 keys testo

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