85 baby – john wick testo

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i feel like john wick so don’t play me like no b-tch i got this 40 glock but i’ll still slap u like a b-tch i can’t trust no n-gga so i put a 30 in my glizzy if he run up on me put a bullet in his fitty

i can’t trust no b-tch so i put a rubber on my d-ck i’m havin so much drip i’m lookin like a liq i got louis i got fendi an i got balenci on my feet i made a milli so i can’t be trappin in these streets but i’m still trappin in these streets please don’t run up on me choppa put you to sleep have you dancing off your feet you can’t sn-tch my chain it come from johnny dang with this glock i got aim shoot u in yo brain i be with yo b-tch she be suckin on my d-ck walk down ion drive i’m from club drive i be in the cut with this cutter b-tch yea that’s that slime sh-t u can’t run from that diamonds on me glisten these 15 pointers ain even listening

i feel like im john wick i got this 40 glock but i’ll still slap u like a b-tch i can’t trust no n-gga so put a 30 on my glizzy one gun man like i’m john wick

bust your f-cking head leave his -ss dead now they f-cking scared

ima creepin -ss sneaky -ss john wick -ss n-gga b-tch run in yo trap and take all yo racks leave em dead in the gr-ss call that lost in found got a couple of pounds let the bards fly to the south ain ever seen an drought hi tech seal in the couch 12 ain’t find me i was heading to the trap but i stop yo house she ate my d-ck for a whole hour i nutted on her blouses counting up a thousand u gone robe me how put this glock in yo mouth u can’t say nun now leave u dead on the curve diamonds in my mouth cost more then yo house i have p-ssion for putting n-ggas inna casket

i feel john wick so don’t play me like no b-tch i got the 40 glock but i’ll still slap u like u a b-tch i can’t trust no n-gga so i keep a 30 in my glizzy if run up on me up this glock and make em feel it

- 85 baby testo

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