83hades – v12 testo

attendere prego...

imma run up where you stay
if you talking you ain’t safe
get the f-ck out my face before i hit you with the k
this a v12 engine baby i don’t even wanna race
(this a v12?) baby i think i’m the same way
and imma stay (around?) ridin around with the (drink?)
i be running up the money you just running cause you lame
shawty know (my favorite place to go drink?)
i just counted another perc-y and i put it in my drink
i got demons in my head baby i don’t want a thing
i dont ever wanna find somebody that’s on the same thing
(???) off the gas (???) amen
throwing up (with the hands why you playing me?)
i could never (see the heads?) where all i do is wrong
and that’s really how i feel so i put in my song
(i be hittin up the mall?) (when i got the pistols on?)
think you gonna act up (till my momma piped down?)
(we all up in the party?) (we ain’t get it right now?)
tell my momma i’m sorry cause i ain’t go the right route
i be sober

- 83hades testo

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