83hades – snow testo

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[verse 1]
problem child, i got issues
if you leave right now, i won’t miss you
got the beam right now, it might hit you
it’s ok ‘lil shawty, whatchu been through?
now everybody mad ’cause i stack up
i just got me a bag like i’m santa
two girls on my sleeve, no kappa
and she love the cocaine what she after
b-tch i’m the devil need a pastor
everybody wanna be a f-ckin’ rapper
all black in the ghost, like i’m casper
codeine what i sip, i’ma trapper
she used to be a dream, now she nightmare
out of h-ll, i got demon in my stare
and they say i’m gon’ die, but i don’t care
big r’s in this b-tch, ’cause i’m very rare
’lil bro said he won’t run my fade
and you know i’m pullin’ up, i got the 12 gauge
things are getting better, but they won’t stay
i’ma die real young, f-ck old age
left me feelin’ hopeless like a cold case
i’ve been smoking big woods, that’s all day
gimme all the money, put it to his face
pull up to his spot, then i’m finna raid

[verse 2]
i’m just really tryna f-ck, why you bein’ lame, shawty?
if i’m in the f-ckin’ club then i’m k!llin’ everybody
i just want all of the money, f-ck the fame, nothin’ but it
and i’m all up in her ribs, and i’m all up in her stomach
if you move too quick, grab the pistol then i dump it
i’ma really get it thumpin’ when i pull up to the function
i don’t trust no one, so i’m quick to make -ssumptions
when i up the f-ckin’ pistol, all them boys start runnin

[verse 3]
ain’t love no thot, fell in love with the block
gucci, louis, fendi, prada, robin jeans what i rock
i ain’t never had sh-t, so i move crack rock
game blues in this b-tch, stuff it up with moon rock
choppa sending shots, make that boy f-ckin’ moon walk
pay me first ‘lil hoe, i don’t wanna hear you talk
know i’m all in her jaw, yea that sh-t got rocked
and i’m really with the static, you don’t wanna get shocked
got a big 4 glock, sending shots, drop the top
drop my b-lls in the b-tch, yea i call that new years
we don’t f-ck with no lames, yea you boys all queer
you don’t scare me, you a p-ssy, i don’t have no fear
walk in barney’s, spend a bag, used to shop at sears
tear drops on my face, ’cause my bro not here
and i had to hit 100, ’cause there’s 12 in the rear
please do not come close, don’t even come near

i’ve been movin with the snow
i’ve been movin with the snow
i’ve been movin with the dope
i’ve been movin with the blow
credit card, i’m sniffin snow
credit card, i’m sniffin snow
credit card, i’m sniffin snow
credit card, i’m sniffin snow
i’ve been movin’ with my pole now
movin’ lots of snow now
really gonna show out
this pistol finna blow out
think i might just go m.i.a
can’t get out of my head
it pains me like a migraine

[verse 4]
she do whatever i say
walk up with a pipe, aye
who needs them a pint? aye
i don’t really like the light
cruisin’ in the night
just might sn-tch your wife
grab my blade, my knife
goodbye to your life, hoe
b-tch i shoot like michael
i’m demon, b-tch i’m psycho
i’m taking your life, hoe

- 83hades testo

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