83hades – psycho testo

attendere prego...

i just popped me a 10 perc
i get so high that i’m leaving off earth
i’ve been in the sp-ceship, i don’t see no curve
if i’m in the graveyard, i’m shovelin’ dirt
he talkin’ ’bout fame and now he on his shirt
your hoe, she switched up, she let down her skirt
i’m talkin’ that cash, don’t wanna talk hypo
i hit that sh-t then repair it like geico
think i might spill ’em, shawty, keep your eyes closed
please get away, i’m about to go psycho
f-ck with the gang, you get cut out like michael
it’s big 83, i put d-ck in her spinal
no-no we is not huntin’, but yes, it’s a rifle
i’ve been in the kitchen, it’s my turn to chop it
i got a new pistol, i can’t wait to c-ck it
a whole lotta money get stuffed in my pockets
if he talk that crazy, let’s send him a rocket
this ain’t a door, it’s a gun, i revolve it
busses in towns, i got packs of the goblins
if he got a problem, let’s meet up and solve it
i know that you hoppin’ the fence, always watching
i’m patiently waiting for you to do something
you a b-tch, you do nothing, i came with the sig
this fully-auto put marks in your lip
ride around owing my stick
like it is christmas, you gonna get lit
i fill it with roxies, i’m making her sick
officer down, then i’m slaughtering these pigs
and braz got the glizzy, all on his hip
shoot-out with .50, all at the cliff
i put in the stiffy, all in her ribs
shawty real pretty, with all my kids
if you act silly, you can get hit
pull out the semi, now he will slip

- 83hades testo

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