83hades – nothing testo

attendere prego...

b-tch im saucy
i pull up on you with every gun
i’ve been hitching we been on the roll
and we gon running b-tch you know we gon fall
b-tch i said i’ll pull up on you with the glock
and (???) c-ck
if (???) job and we making you do sh-t for my mom
we over it now
she follows me now
we need now she f-cking me now
(???) not the one to play round’

i stay around look around
but in this curls but in his head
biiga mahsed
shawty everyday
everyday, b-tch i been running the track
its just like everyday
i’ve been getting bank
working so hard then i’m lining my wrist

i’m alone in the dark
only light is the star
did the same d-mn thing and now we back to the start
no i never trust shawty she rippin holes in my heart
everybody out to get you yeah you gotta my star
if you can help me find a way we only know that by desire
do anything you want just shooting at stars
im grabbing the chicken and i sold it out of here
and they scared to f-ck winners because we really thugging
i’ll f-ck her so young shawty got me so bent
i ain’t ask for no help i came out from nothing
said he pull out a baffoon that boy sippy try to try sh-t
why the f-ck you got a job if you ain’t gon buy sh-t?
they say 80 need to chill that boy up to something
i only did what you rappin now
rappers ain’t sh-t but they know what you packin now

- 83hades testo

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