83hades – m4h prod.bang testo

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how the f+ck you gonna try and cut me for the same drugs that you f+cking rap about
tell me, what is that about
you can come and fight me if you want, i’m in your b+tch’s mouth
tired of the b+tch, so i’m finna pull her tracks all out
said he got a check, so i robbed him and it cancel out
teacher said that i would never beach, so look who’s banded now
pull a cannon out
take your shorty back, in fifteen minutes i’ll be in and out
i ain’t regress saying sh+t, b+tch, i double down
touch one of my boys and he finna catch a hundred rounds
playin’ with them toys, shorty f+ck me cause i run the town
see him on the block in broad day, we still gon’ gun him down
i hate everybody, hope that my addiction k!ll me sooner
spin around his block and then we finna let go of the ruger
i be doing all that sh+t i say, he just talk on computers
spinning lies about me, live your own life, you a f+cking loser
married to the coke, i guess that you could call me an abuser
he done crossed the line, now i’m tryna get at my accuser
shout out to the real, f+ck the fake, you is not a shooter
smoke will give you cancer, bullet bigger than a f+cking tumor
rappers tryna get up in my lane, they get outmaneuvered
i’m hopping out the beemer, you still pull up in a mini cooper
think he really falling f+cking head, but he really stupid
shorty, she ain’t heard of anything but now she on the movement
janky motherf+ckers tryna track up to my every movement
really seeing through you motherf+ckers, cause you are translucent
and if i do not get a break soon, i swear i’m gonna lose it
that boy like to sing a line, and i’m not talking ’bout acoustics
i’m pressing all these pills, b+tch, you better watch what you’re consuming
f+cked all of these campers for their racks, you need a revolution
i don’t wanna squash no big, f+ck a resolution
this the real f+cking trap house, b+tch, we really boomin’
want her fingerprints i’ll have the stupid b+tch grip on it
put a tit on it
pullin’ out my d+ck, i’ma have her sit on it
i need big pockets, just to hold my wallet, it be rick ross’n
bought a new gun, that’s a mini draco, shoot the sh+t out it, i rip out it
she said her p+ssy hurt, i take my d+ck out it, like i’ve been bout it
f+ck this drug game, b+tch, i’m robbing swurs until i get out it
put my scope up on his melon, then i f+cking blew the sh+t out it
pulling up in an s6, and then i kick your lil’ b+tch out it
i got coke up in my nose, i don’t think i can live on without it
i got both of these dumb hoes doing sh+t just so they get clout, and
that’s the one who’s talking sh+t, so me and gang gon’ f+cking surround him
rappers trolling off, all up in my lane, i gotta swerve ’round em

m4h, i’m a hit man
if we finna pull up, it ain’t for no reason, take his big bands
i’ma bag it right up, after i scale it, i’m the zip man
if you walk ’round with no gun, and you ’round here, boy you a l!ck, man
i got people post up ’round me at all times, okay, why the burkland
i got glass all up on me, run from jakes, i think they know i’m pushin’
rappers fallin’ off, better hope that they are over cushion
i don’t give no f+cks, i have no morals, slide in on your woman
okay, airing sh+t out, like everything is shredded by the bullets
call him out, he fake, i’m on his neck, just like a f+cking mullet
meet me at the spot, surround the driveway, i told them to pull in
cam out in the bushes till we see him, then we start ambushin’
b+tch, this is not a game
like, where he lay
someone scope him out, find out where he stay
i’m selling drugs, on the same sh+t, just a different day
in headsp+ce, i gotta shoot these bullets, they renovate
like, just by looking at his page you can tell that boy is a fake
like, just by looking at his face you can tell that boy is a lame
and, if you see me in broad day, then i am probably with the gang
i got some sh+t up in this chamber that’s gon’ knock his f+cking frame
wait for it, hoe, i said “wait for it”
shorty said she want some rapper d+ck, i told that b+tch to pay for it
mean ass glizzy on my side, i even got a f+cking name for it
i, i named my f+cking chopper, and his name is jason
cousin like to rip, i spray all lead, and now everyone erases
promise he gon’ cave in, he a p+ssy, he rat in his statements
no mask on me, make sure it was blatant, see the face of satan
this a one night stand, no i’m not datin’, unless you got a payment
stomp him on the pavement, he bleed out, like we just got him painted
no, i do not want it, yes, i’m gon’ be famous
m4h, k!llers on a first name basis
you know who the b+tch is, i don’t gotta say sh+t

- 83hades testo

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