83hades – clutchin testo

attendere prego...

rikkhoe, b+tch!

[verse 1: 83hades]
pull+pull up to the function, i’m already clutchin’
she grab on my d+ck, i’m just grabbing on something
selling some lean, mix the xan with the ’tussin
he said he would slide, well he ain’t, so he bluffin’
i got the gl!cky, i can’t wait to dump it
all on my waist like imagine me running
her p+ssy on me so i can’t wait to f+ck it
duck duck goose, you best get to that ducking
not about money then there’s no discussion
we got those drills, you get screwed like i’m clutchin
i got the mac on my side and it’s f+cking
i+i got yo’ b+tch on my right and she sucking
i walk around in the night, look for trouble
weapons “bwah” just like a puddle
look what i got coming out of the mud
i f+ck on yo’ b+tch, no, i’m not trying to cuddle
di+d+ck in my grip with this muf+ckin’ shovel
i’m all in his spot, i’m invading his place
i pull out the piece, b+tch, you look like a puzzle
i shoot through the pillow so the sound is m+ffled
don’t let me catch you in the dark, you get shot too
the way [?]
the way that you move it go hard, like my c+ck do
i walk through the door and the chop starts to drop
b+tch, i got rank, you were sniffing on fisker
i feel the spots in my lungs when i inhale
you k!ll me now, i’ll be waiting down in h+ll
penetrate her with my d+ck and i impale
you ain’t the plug, you the fourth f+ckin’ resale
i get what i want, b+tch i ain’t paying retail (aye!)

[verse 2: swerzie]
no bts, i make the k pop
these rappers sweet like i went into k+pop
b+tch, i’m on go at all times, don’t even say stop
i’m going like i just felt a raindrop
you try to test me, you gon’ get yo’ gang popped
i spend a bag every day, f+ck a budget
when i walk in, already know get to ducking
glock .19 jeff out when i’m tucking
silencer on so you can’t hear the ruckus
he want it now cause he know that i’m buckin’
i shoot at mines, i don’t shoot at no buckets
shoot at a distance, i make that sh+t subtle
he gettin’ popped, popped like a bubble
don’t let me find out where you live and you sleep
i’ma kick in the door, at the night i won’t creep
hit a stain in your house and your life i delete
he was actin’ all hard till i told him to meet
tryna act like you hard then i give you the heat
if you try to run from me, get shot in yo’ feet
they said i was out floggin’, i need a receipt
i ain’t russ, i pull up myself if yo go tweet
it’s a rotten life, b+tch, my whole gang is elite
beat his ass and i stomp his ass out in some cleats
all my shooters is foreign and come from the streets
anyone tryna run up, they gon’ get defeat
get a bag, go to sleep, then i wake up, repeat
if i ain’t make no money, my day ain’t complete
my day not done
i am not clingy to no one but guns
this rap sh+t i do, i ain’t do it for fun
you wanna work with me i want some funds
i need some guap, yeah b+tch, i want my mon’
83, swerzie, we pull up, you better run
i’m on his head like he went tied a bun
black and white vans, i’ma call em’ my nun
you try to talk to me like you is bout it then went i paid visits you wasn’t on nun’
he try to start sh+t, then i made it done
i’m clutchin’ the glock, go ‘head, try to do something (b+tch)
look, look, skr
rotten life, b+tch!

- 83hades testo

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