83hades – chok3 testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: 83hades]
f-cking that b-tch, she got p-ssy like ego
locked on your head, i got eyes like an eagle
come try the gang, b-tch we might have to leave you
eeightythree, b-tch i am hitting the block

[verse 2: okaminokami]
eeightythree, kami’s no shadow clone jutsu
don’t pull up to cali’, my n-ggas will shoot you
you n-ggas is comedy, sign up for hulu
rpg loaded, i call it cthulhu


[verse 3: okaminokami]
half of you rappers ain’t even real trappers
you talk about demons then cry to your pastor
you n-ggas actors and yo b-tch call me master
i slide on yo block with the chopped [?]
i’m dugging yo b-tch with the d-ck, i’m her batterer
and she receiving all my nut in her platter
i lasted the beggers, my pockets get fatter
but not from this glizzy, contouring the dark matter

[verse 4: okaminokami]
aye, you talking on ig, [?]
if he acting stupid then his wig getting laced
bayonet strapped, might duck a blade
but if you want it you can still get the fade
i’m the most racist, i’m winning the race
and i chop, spray like a bottle with mace
but back to the reason why i’m in first place
any n-gga tripping, come and get laid

[verse 5: 83hades]
talking p-ssy, but he will not fold
he choke up, all of you rappers tahoe
i got my pole, handing out smoke
rip up your hoe, i think she will moan
i pull up, lil shawty just give me a reason
black in my eyes, getting choked ’cause i’m demon
threat her like trash, yeah, i fill her with s-m-n
i got some heat, come and shop if you need it
move some guns, he lil broke ’cause he fiending
eliminate him, i’m the terminator
some of you hoes need a pastor
wok in the club, i’m drinking it all

[verse 6: okaminokami]
ah, f-ck
you get f-cked
throw yo body in the back of the truck
reload the glock and i’m shooting it up
f-ck n-gga, you should’ve learned
b-tch call me crazy, i’m drinking her spit
afterwards she did that split on my d-ck
boy you will rip, get yo squad, let it rip
defeat the b-tch to my fist
i will not repent
walking around with my d-ck
walking around with my d-ck
[?] he never forgets
ah, f-ck

[bridge: okaminokami]
-verse 6 reversed-

[verse 7: 83hades]
got a clip, b-tch i dump like okaminokami
like it’s box, send system shocks to your body
off me, had to hit the block in my robins
shoot a crackhead, b-tch i fill him up with roxies
are you tryna be me? you a f-ckin copy
from the kitchen, i’ll rip like i’m pistol
f-ck yo main boys, how you gon’ be hit, bro
had to take his life, b-tch i know he an info
smoking on pack, you might choke on the cisco
eliminate him, i’m the terminator
some of you hoes need a pastor
wok in the club, i’m drinking it all

- 83hades testo

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