828.real – sounds from wednesday afternoon testo

attendere prego...

when i was growing up, i was told not to stress over these girls
but it’s kinda hard when you wanna give one the whole world
i fell in love with you
not knowing i was gonna get hurt
laying in bed every night, thinking was it me or was it her
we had so many memories, nothing anymore
now i’m just lying here, with an empty heart
not much is left, wondering in the dark
i can’t tell who’s real, and who’s not
i wasn’t really tryna mess with you for your looks
i was feeling a vibe, i wasn’t trying to be a crook
and steal your heart
and walk away with it that’s not me baby
i’m just tryna get the clip, tryna get to know you girl
but that ain’t gonna happen, you believed what they was saying
and now i ain’t ‘gon get to, take you out
on a date, to the movies, and out to eat like i was planning to
you was over here, listening to these other dudes

- 828 real testo

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