814 – no more playtime testo

attendere prego...


my dip#dip came fleeky
the other side chat for the reeky
but the gyal so cat for the d#d
i got ham with the beef like meaty
he got bored in his head, neeky
and he talks to the feds like pc
i still get a man dropped, no easy
i’m down for the cunch like cc
f#ck your rucksack
what you got in your backpack
my n#ggas got suttn in the man bag
and he wants that to clap that, like
boom bow, swish swoosh if you f#ck with my twin bros
better air man’s lingo
and you’re p#ssing if you’re f#cking with yn and sinko
manna get that chin blown
i stab face like triggy
you can get it in your leg or your chest or your wiggy
my oj, he’s busy
one bang, jb, manna get a man dizzy
i do betts with my n#ggas from np, brockley and bside
but dem n#ggas ain’t come round d#side
cah they all so west like seaside
ramz say he garn let strap blow
these times i dunno what he looks like
peng mc d’s chilling with back ghost
n#ggas get ducked out, pushbikes
talk about k for some ratings
manna add k to the paigons
now i’m tryna k sadiq
n#gga that’s worth for daten


we’re the 44 and jam
tryna make the trapline jump
tryna pull out my man’s lung
charmzy hold suttn long
dip#dip with the likka woosh#woosh
and dem man, they’re moving skush
but my brodie smoking kush
black blade tryna turn man shush
came in the room with the broom
2#2’s now he’s zoom zoom
but dem boys just move like goons
and your girl is a hooker you lose
f#ck with any of mine
mate, you called the 9
pulled up with firmz in the hoopty
push back on a peng girl’s booty
come through that, where is that roovie
don’t bother cop black, shooty
ring#ring then connect for the junkie
with a big breast girl like barbie
us man be moving lurky
you got a team but score for the nittys
that yute try rap about gucci
wait really, and truly, who’s he?


if you wanna buck, let’s do this
i call up bro for the broomstick, (true!)
i dip man with the big ting go move him
see my bros on a news clip
better just stay on the low
me, 80 had the opp on his toes
run out the ends, when my bros ghost
tryna lock down the ends make the whole world know
and he fills my presents like santa
one bang make him download asthma
no they don’t want smoke, no cancer
manna got free [?], no fanta
and i’ve seen man run from lights on it
man, i got susan in my right pocket
i’ve won it, brudda
i’m sick, it’s ironic
and i’ve got it
and they wanna duck
cause i’m on it
man, i can’t deal with the smart ass
they come to the ends but didn’t buck dons
they just paint on the floor like some art class
can’t touch any of our dargs
no you nittys can’t touch dem
treat them like hair when i brush them
told them that it’s peak when i buck them
manna told them that it’s peak when i buck them


i’m out there cause i’m on beef
my life kicking like onrey
nittys face looking all zombie
how can you be on me when you ain’t on beef, cah,
big ting, get man gully
woosh, big slap get man duppy
and we really don’t talk too much
like, flip flow, you can call that f#ckery
i f#cked man’s ex, girlfriend’s friend
though she don’t trust me
oi, come outside but you be looking at sinks
aye, manna get touched g
i heard that n#gga be talking about ym
manna get pumped with the pumpy
leave man curl up, leave man swirl up
right next to the dumb g,
rat#at#at#at, rap#ap#ap#am
rest a tap, handgun in the pump, g
see dem man dere don’t love me
cah i apply pressure on these dumb neeks
if you wanna buck me, you can buck g
you can get starbucked, no coffee
hmm, yeah, no coffee
hmm, yeah, no coffee
no coming close, she’s smoking alone
what the glow, she wanna f#ck me,
got rid of the b#tch, wanna cuff me,
got rid of the b#tch, wanna cuff me


roll in the block with the pump ting
had couple man all running
let’s think back last time when you came to the block
you were cutting
fill that plug
fill that pack
then start breaking it down
4 young g’s
got that grub
then start dishing it out
more time i’m out on my 1#2’s
or i’m out on my lonely’s
but i dun showed you in person
that i’m out with the smokey
big ting, that’s my homie finessa
og, none of man turn man smokeys
this ting be lowkey
yes she blow me
dem man sending to showkey
rolling with the dip with the guys
you can get caught, no lies (dippings)
block might be an opp
but i’m still mashing work on these guys
come off the net on a hype ting
and stop telling them lies(lying)
you all know we came round that night
and got cheffed by the guys (cheffed)
squad got me moving all paranoid
i’m looking from left and right
your girl’s still feeling the kid
and i know that she wants some of mine
might just have to run through
like i did last time
you know, if i catch you lurking
on sh#t, that day’ll be nice

- 814 testo

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