814 – makarakalakin testo

attendere prego...

n-ggas just chat sh-t man
n-ggas say i fell off
n-ggas say i ain’t on p-ss, yeah yeah yeah
all fun and games you know

[verse 1]
jump out whips i’m still on that sh-t
violent, aggy chef a man in
ask my pagans if i’m on p-ss they’ll probably lie and act like a b-tch
ghetto baby backing that ting i’m backing that once and doing man in
i got that drop and pulled up real quick
a man slid out before he got pitched
[?] drip got b-tches on dip
back that bl!ck and shoot any pr-ck
try cut through ghetts i’m kweffing mans kweff
three b-lls on her tongue so i can’t resist
she brown and thick she boujee with t-ts
nuff’ opp gyal wan’ jump on my stick
lil m dat’ and lil m dis’
everyone hate a man like i’m chris
i leave man twist
t-house place where the cats dem’ live, i’m up in that sh-t
run up in my trap i’m backin’ dat’ ting
black blade or wap i’m shootin’ man in
can’t glide on man i’m little john wick
aim and ping till’ the clip dun’ rinse
like boyz in the hood i’m jumping out whips
end of the story n-gga don’t slip
this panda kicks
dice that work get ching dat’ like opps
she want love ion love no thot
[?], fendi, hugo boss if i get that drop i’m shooting it off
burn those clothes, f-ck up the trap when i fly up o
big bro whip that, scr-p that bowl
man smack down bro get bits and both i slang on the road

sure you wanna burn my spliff?
sure you wanna have my kids?
sure she said she don’t suck d-ck?
ah wah di bumbaclart yuh wan kiss?
like a cl-ssroom is dismissed, get nuff’ dm’s from the pagan b-tch
n-gga’s just dance like b-tch
don’t swerve in the jeep cus’ they ain’t on p-ss
shots gon’ fly and sh-t

[verse 2]
see the snakes in the gr-ss get hit
that fence over there got a spicy ching
shower man down, get drenched, get soaked
wet a man down make him shower my floor
my kwengers on volts
my young boy rits will grab a man’s soul i’m letting man know
man can’t talk about i dash in whips
you woulda’ been dead if you don’t drive sick
i’m a young boss, just like him
but the difference is i live and he lived
i see the bussdown that you put on your wrist
and you try hide that when my bro stepped in
you ain’t on p-ss still getting it twist
combat ting i back it den’ ching
he got ching and chopped in mac d’s
man bought chips cah’ the ketchup free
try slide on the block try [?]
little man got caught an got bruck by me
my bros dem make man hold doors
and they act on the net like it wasn’t me
f-cking neeks
ain’t on me ain’t smoking weed it’s like ob
man lean out the ride and slap it
show big little man bout’ palance
this girl she a freak she a badders
buss it open like you nuh have manners
you been moving your shoulders way too long, when you gonna slap those hammers?
said they want beef let them have it
they wanna hold me back let them have it

- 814 testo

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