80purppp – wos testo

attendere prego...

verse 1:
started it wit stoppin, we still pickin cotton, drank so many nights i better stop fearing the consequences, overdose on pop and, henny bottle rock and, all my n-ggas jiggy independent how we rockin but

i see many n-ggas switchin upwards when they fall in love
talkin like for hours end the convo when i bought em stuff
n-ggas act like cowards when i move and when i taught em stuff
why you actin sour when im winnin like its wrong or sumn

eh, like it’s wrong or sumn, chillin at the party wit a hottie light the bong or sumn, shawty broke my heart she help me out i write a song or sumn. grinding in the stu diggin for gold like i’m a blonde or something

verse 2:
different like oregano, link right now don’t say no more, i ain’t tryna play no more, all thee n-ggas stay so bored

you just want a piece of me, trade yo soul for some receipt, stayin fly im decently, blowin up so recently

you speakin in morse code, rep my city for a song, yeg no not for long, one day go on tour alone

seen that sh-t infront of me, that girl said she done with me, now she wanna run with me, it’s too late to come with me

chorus (sing):
i said we gon be okay, lookin for better days, always tryna hide away yeah yeah
cameras all up in my face, i feel like sommer ray, never work another day yeah yeah

now you know just what i mean, im always countin green, treated like a centerpiece yeah yeah
my hoya won’t have to clean, im out to chase a dream, never risk it for a fiend yeah yeaah

yeah yeah, okay okay

verse 3:
slappin sh-t like hockey, hands up on yo body, they see me about to go somewhere they tryna stop me prolly, running but they caught me, ju free up my dawgy, bet they wish they texted back my phone now i got money talkin

verse 4:
tryna buy not rent a car, hit me up like who u are, i’m just tryna be a star, fight all day got battle scars

don’t know what you do to me, talkin sh-t not cool with me, walk around at school with me, icy neck no jewelry

most thee n-ggas talk a lot, takin pics in parking lots, no bite but you bark a lot, i fly tony stark a lot

up but i’m still down witchu, never played a clown witchu, imma get a crown witchu, spend it all around witchu

chorus 2 (sing):
one day we gon be okay, ain’t never waste away, promise everything i say, yeah yeah
always i been makin moves, just wanna run away, step back now i’m hittin très, yeah yeah

cross up hit em wit a tween, we never drinkin lean, throwin cups like autumn leaves, yeah yeah
all this sh-t know that i’m bout, but you ain’t never seen, salted up like you the sea, yeah yeah

- 80purppp testo

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