80purppp – soleil testo

attendere prego...

verse 1:

soleil, i could hit it quick i can hit it slowly, confident as sh-t but you move your own way, and i’m bitin on my lip while i know what you won’t say, uh can you put it on me, outfit like the summer got winter on yo face, so everytime i wonder pretend i that miss a lover, you know we get busy under don’t care if it’s gon rain

verse 2:

eh uh, oh yes, 80 on the beat and the beat so fresh, walkin to the right while you movin to my left, see us zoomin in the sky we not ready to die yet, uh lie back, you don’t gotta worry just fall into my lap, and it could be our story don’t finish it then i’m sorry, when i’m lookin at your body get hard as a diamond


what i got to do for you my lady, you could be my baby, no if ands buts or maybes. girl you might just be the one to save me, ain’t no one can make me f-ck em if they shady

searching for my future but you can’t see, swear i ain’t no pansie, then sweat when you look past me. how could something pure be so arrousing, knew she was astounding, i’m tryna hold her down and

imma have you doin what you can’t do, melt on me like candles i grip you like a handle. you gon have me bein who i am through, thick and thin cement pools, i got you so i can’t lose

- 80purppp testo

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