80ate – u (ridah) testo

attendere prego...

(here we go again)
this poem is addressed to mrs. hawkins
(thats tight, here we go again)
who lost her son to a racist society
i’m not out to offend the positive souls
only the racist dogs who lied to me
an american culture plagued with nights
like the night yusef was k!lled
if it were reversed
it would be the work of a savage
but this white k!ller was just strong-willed
but mrs. hawkins as sure as i’m a panther
with the blood of malcolm in my veins
(ah, f-ck)
america will never rest
if yusef dies in vain!

[verse 1]
should be taking precaution
you don’t wanna have that abortion
i mention you a christian
so it’s wrong
i made a song dedicated to the power of jesus
not to mention you late with the pension
i’m smart
so i’m overlapping people that mention that i’m sh-t
you’re gonna hear the power of cl!ck
it goes bang! with the ying yang sign
we preach peace

i’m out
i made it out
i’m outchea
with no fear because i know gods behind me
message to the bible
i love you
the beats gonna fade down
you think a poems due?
(you think a poems due? you think a poems due?)

not yet
you upset
you trippin’
you missing all the kind of f-cking f-ckery we doing
we made you f-cking think that there’s poem coming up
you probably looking at your phone like
“when you growing up?”

(goodly, godly, godly, ha!)
i made a mean machine
(goodly, godly, godly, ha!)
it’s called ‘visionary’
i made a heatwave scene
i read the dictionary
and i’m scary
(goodly, godly, godly, ha!)
you scared of me?
well that’s good
(goodly, godly, godly, ha!)
cause that’s exactly what it’s meant to be

you know
you know
you know
you don’t wanna go unless a brother wanna reload
call me a god, like poseidon
a n-gga dropping heat
i need some water with the vita-min
talk about a min in a min
this song is getting godly
imma sin
imma sin
imma sin
imma sin
imma sin
it’s getting kinda godly
like we on a min with 30 seconds in

men, (emphasis)
you shouldn’t listen to your selfish heart
it doesn’t really have a brain
besides keepin you alive, it’s existence is in vain
and how could i be so mean, and say your heart has no place?
because mortal men fall in love again
as fast as they change their face
i may be cruel, but think awhile about the hearts that you have broken
and match that, with the empty vows and broken promises you’ve spoken
now i’m not saying females are perfect
cause we know, it’s not true
but why must you be unfaithful
if her heart is true to you?

thats the real sh-t

godly, godly, godly
godly, godly, godly
godly, godly, godly
godly, godly, godly

[verse 2]
i made a transition for my ambition
now my ambition has another vision
(godly, godly, godly)
now that’s the new me
(godly, godly, godly)
i’m making other records
hit records when im in vh
(godly, godly, godly)
f-ck sake, you don’t want the new me to make some next evolved sh-t
(godly, godly, godly)
you don’t want the new me to make another good hit
(godly, godly, godly, godly, godly, godly)
you don’t want the new to make another pac sh-t
(godly, godly, godly, godly, godly, godly)
you just want to see the new me dead
(woh! woh!)

building up an adblip
and im a god
bow down when i talk
you walk the walk
but can you talk the talk, to talk sense in a menace way?
(hay hay)
you’re the one that has to take my life through the gun and you don’t wanna run
cause the clocks ticking
cl!ck clack goes the glock
you find your sh-t and your hunting for me down the block
i’m in a blacked out car
i got my blacked out guys
i brought lyrics from the other songs element surprise
oh my!
this now is all about u u u
now this is all about u u u
cause this is getting kinda g-g-g
cause this is getting kinda g-g-g
cause this is getting kinda g-g-g


- 80ate testo

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