80ate – t testo

attendere prego...

mr. shakur
please stand for sentencing
(the sentence is to be served in a maximum security prison)
would you like to address the court before taking into custody?

your honour
throughout this entire case
you haven’t looked me in my eyes once
but you will spend hours poring over my tattoo’s
days debating what my lyrics mean
still never looking at me
the man, the person
it’s obvious you’re not in search of justice
so there’s no point in me asking for a lighter sentence

as far as i’m concerned
theres no justice being served here

so do what you want to do ’cause i’m not in your hands

i’m in gods hands

if you saw a rose growing out of concrete
even if it had messed up petals and was a little to the side
you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through the concrete

i’m in gods hands


if in my quest to achieve my goals
i stumble or crumble and lose my soul
those that knew me would easily co-sign
there was never a life as hard as mine
no father – no money – no chance and no guide
i only follow my voice inside


- 80ate testo

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