80ate – k testo

attendere prego...

moving on to k now
say another k now
gun raid
i made a raid start
raids in a dark place
you’re moving closer to the dark dark dark race
look at my dark dark dark face
you’re kinda scared you ain’t ever seen a shadow
now i ain’t talking ’bout a shadow that’s created by the son
i am talking ’bout a shadow that’s created in the dungeon

[verse 1]
i live my life in h-ll
no limbo
i wish there was a limbo to live tho
all i see is burn down dreams and no means
and all i see is crushed down means and bad schemes
and you don’t wanna have a 1-1 with satan
trust me
i had it last week and i was lucky
he took me to the dungeon
i was thrown in a cell
get me out the f-cking cell and i was ringing the bell


so sinister
well, i’m the minister sinister k!ller
n-gga, i k!ll of the k!llers
and you don’t wanna be the one i tick off next
cause if you get your name crossed on a line page
then i guess you crossed the line
and then it ain’t fine
cause then i gotta k!ll you off
and then i’m looking at time
and now time can be fine if you planning it right
you gotta fight for extra time as if you looking at mine

my times running out
tick tick tick
i’m like a ticking time bomb
allahu akbarr, b-tch!
i’m blowing minds
if you got a mind, i’m blowing it up
i made a mind have a mind of it’s own
it’s glowing up
and i can’t imagine what it’s like to have an unimaginable, catastrophal, disasterful taste in the magical world called ‘heaven’
no, the depth of h-ll serving us well and i can’t tell
(can’t tell, can’t tell, can’t tell)

there’s something sinister about this laugh it makes me feel
i don’t even know how to feel, i mean
(ah, sh-t)

[verse 2]
judgment day is on approach
and there’s a roach
and now the roach was approached by god
open the gate now
i see the lights peeling through the depth of darkness
the darkness that’s inside me has a key to the wrath
and you don’t wanna die in h-ll cause it’s h-ll
it would be h-ll dying in h-ll cause you couldn’t tell what it’d be like to die in peace
i preach the meaning of peace
but what’s the point cause i’m in h-ll
thats what im trying to tell you

i learnt my abc’s last night
im late to learn the alphabet
to win the rap game
you gotta learn be the alpha-bet
own it like a wolf pack
i brought pac back
cause we sitting in a blacked out car
with blacked out guys
and bye suprise i saw lies moving around
it’s almost like you’ve heared this bar before
man, ‘u’ stupid
now you be knowing how this f-cking story ends, stupid


i hope you listening to my content
just know i’m burning quick
so my flows bent
this flow is kinda low
and i don’t know where to go
oh no
you hit the wrong note
oh oh
you don’t feel what i feel me for me
and i don’t feel what you feel to be
so honestly pack your bags
pack your sh-t
go and hitch a ride down to the other side of town

by the other side of town i mean heaven
cause h-ll be my spot
and now it’s taken
got liam neeson on a record
got so many records
i’m spitting records
authentic sh-t
we made a company
follow me
imma sit you down
sign a contract
just hand yourself over to the devil
i lived in the devils lare
i flipped you care

[verse 3]
communicate contamination when i’m spitting
in a constant battle rap with myself
i self harm
and i’m uncomfortable
n-gga, i’m vulnerable
and you ain’t really tryna be there for when i blow
where you going?
you are staying
and you ain’t going
you ain’t funny
don’t ever dot me
i throw you in a dam and say d-mn
this 808

the gate follows
you walk in
put your hand on the bible and commit a sin
cause you the sinner
a born sinner
and now she knows that youre a sinner
now, say deja vu
your palms are sweaty, moms spaghetti
deja vu
wrath of the great
but now say deja vu
so much deja vu and it’s true
(oh my god)
so much deja vu and it’s true
(oh my god, ahh)

what you eating on your plate today?
i know what i’m eating
but my meal late
today i made friends with a fisherman
he told me that there’s a lot bait for my plate
cause by the wrath of the great stands dre
you don’t wanna die today
so listen up
if you choose to come back to the h-ll you take a pill
write a will
and then follow on through
but don’t be shy if you die
then you’ll be joining us anyway
youre joining us anyway
i gotta go hope you the best
i hope you slip and break your neck a little bit
like the rest
don’t wear a vest
if you get shot
take the bullet and run with it
youre used to f-cking running anyway
you f-cking ape now
you must be crazy talking crazy to a f-cking great
you must be crazy talking crazy to a f-cking great
you must be crazy talking crazy to a f-cking great
you must be crazy talking crazy to a
(to a, to a, to a, to a, to a, to a, to a)

- 80ate testo

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