80ate – h testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
i’m counting it down n-gga
when i’m around then i’m considered the minister
sinister sinister k!ller
(true, true)
and you don’t wanna be the one when you’re stepping with the gun to be stepping with run now

black clouds and black hearts i count cards 21 reasons to end me
you end me like your life wasn’t the price of a heist at the highest price and i’m nicer i’m nicer then nice


like i’m satans version of evil
live flipped evil and i flipped you
but if live flipped evil twice it’s still evil
i said true like it was an ad-lib stay away from school that’s a truancy you messed with me me me me
the joker
play poka with opra
play opera

youre mesmerised
come check my e-y-e ‘s’ that’s the best lyrically in my opinion
now your opinion is intriguing, so what your thoughts on it?
man i don’t care
n-gga thought you was there when
i took a life didn’t look back to think twice and you’re the reason that meaning was the meaning of the feeling that i’m feeling when i’m feeling down down down down
pop another pill to down now you good now?

[verse 2]
when i’m green then i’m mean
and you don’t wanna see the wrath of a sinner
cause right now i’m k!lling n-ggas
wow wow wow wow wow
can i join?
i can promise you that i’ll never be annoying
i can promise you that i’ll always make a promise to always copy you in your evil schemes
please please please please please
no need

you the reason sinners are sinners
we made srennis
srennis is the menace of sinners and you the bi-linguer
you buy liquor just to die quicker
but i’m the sinner
i’m the winner
chicken dinner
hear the birds fly high in the sky i’m like a bird cause i got the eagle eye on the game
and it’s a shame that i have to say a shame in my songs
would it be wrong if a n-gga was just happy for once?


real sh-t
and i might be coming in with the real cl!ck
stay strapped like lesbian pacs
and now you wanna write a rap about a n-gga from the uk
err ok
you ok
now replay every f-cking convo we had because i’m starting to loose my tude and i’m rude
now to conclude i made a transition for my ambition it’s a elevation levitation regulation

ouuu ouuu
new ad-lib alert
ouuu ouuu
feel the pain in my words
ouuu ouuu ouuu
like a owl cause i’m foul when it comes to turning heads
i turn the heads of a crowd cause i’m loud in my words
loud in a verse
i’m louder then loud of the scales with my verse
i’m louder then a f-cking subwoofer
imma b-ss my loudness on a n-gga that’s k!ller and sinner


sit down unless youre tryna run around to grab the t-tle
you n-ggas grab the mic cause that is vital
in beating me youre gonna wanna cycle all the way to the top of a mountain rock
watch the clock
it’s 12am
and i’m still here
i still hear the sounds of the fear in air
cause you scared that i’m getting kinda close
invade your sp-ce grab the knife end your life that’s a promise on my life


you the one that has to take my life through the gun and you don’t wanna run cause that’s the wrong choice

joyce is that your name?
right joyce
you gotta rejoice
and have the courage to blast fast rash
like you got a f-cking gash to dash and then p-ss the path
to p-ss righteousness
cause you’re the evil one
that bad meets evil one
the one to live an evil life
cause live flipped evil twice
and i think

pick your numbers

i f-cked it

struggling to breathe

i don’t think i can do this anymore

f-ck this sh-t
i can’t do this
i can’t do it
f-ck it

you know what?

f-ck this

[verse 3]
identifying clarification of the information i was given
n-gga i’m a patient individual criminal
finessing you n-ggas tho
and you don’t know how i’m gonna function to finish tho
woh woh
where you think you going you dumb hoe?
come back
you don’t have the effort for come backs
you want my comeback?
you scr-pe it off your mums t–th
and you please
will you please me now to please let the please be


lyrical k!ller
i’m in the mirror now
it’s clearer that h is a repusentation of a k!ller
a murder charge would be under trap
now that’s a trap
if you tryna be like pump on a track
no thanks
you don’t wanna be like trap on a track
no thanks
you don’t wanna have the clout on your back
no thanks
don’t watch icy and your whip foreign
you hit your head cause that’s the new wave
n-gga the new way


it is done

i’m a nasty guy
you cannot come into my court unless you testify

- 80ate testo

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