80ate – a (ridah) testo

attendere prego...

you think i’m mean?
how can you think i’m mean when my songs are clean?
(i might try a different type of voice, watch this)
incoming god sh-t

[verse 1]
open your mind
your mind doesn’t mind being primed by the wrath of a great
it meant a vision
youre getting tired always hearing like a repet-tion
but you don’t always wanna do it like a regulation
im making music for the nation call it celebration
the nation feels the wrath of 80ate on elevation
but the nation feeling distance like a segregation
i’m segregating lyrics put them all together then i
(then i, then i)

obligate like i’m abliged to you
and you ain’t feeling me
so i ain’t feeling you
ad-lib from the last sh-t you know
i made another song that pops locks
pick-lock like i’m the picking the lock to pop pop the pop sh-t
and make another rap hit
you don’t wanna get hit
believe that
now you don’t want no smoke cause i can seee that

nasty n-gga
nasty figure
you’re nastier then nasty, n-gga
my god
open the book
turn the p-ssage
it’s got a message
a message for the kids hearing the message
it goes
john, 12:25, at this point i don’t really know if i’m alive
carry on “anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life will keep it”
do you believe it?
(do you believe it?, do you believe it?)

i was just gunned down by the sound of bang!
(bang!, bang!, bang!)
and you don’t wanna say what you got to say!
(say, say, say,)
but either f-cking way you got a price to pay!
(pay, pay, pay)
now listen whilst i’m spitting
(while i’m spitting)

[verse 2]
harmony melodies on some godly sh-t melodies on some godly sh-t memories and you memory memory memory

you’re the nightmare it ain’t fair
you ain’t there when a n-gga had a snake on his wear
nowhere to be seen
you thought my songs were so clean but i’m mean
so explicit is the only machine that i can stick to
f-ck you and you and you and you
the last n-gga that a n-gga wouldn’t want to k!ll
(k!ll, k!ll, k!ll)

im a rellik
(rellik, rellik)
rellik is a k!ller spelt backwards
oh no
rellik is the dark energy i consume by the fume of flame of my own bars whisper
the silence whisper creates the magic of prosper
now the prosper creates an oscar cause you made a new wave that is different
now the difference made a difference in your life got you a family and a wife


tick tok goes the clock
you find your f-cking glock and then you hunting for me down the block
remember that
now i’m working in a lare cause that’s the real sh-t, how can you not ‘c’ the lear spells real
n-gga don’t you feel
i’m writing all my lyrics in my feels
youre falling for my trap and that’s a fact
you felt the pac in me like i’m a wolf now
(ouu ouuu)

[bridge 2]
the moons dark so the wolf’s out
it’s getting kinda hot but my flows cold
so it’s ying yang bang to the gospel
and you don’t really wanna cross line
sniff it
you like it
you know you get excited
you know that doing drugs is something fun cause when youre bored
(ahh f-ck)
(haha, ah sh-t)
okay tell them

[verse 3]
grab your belt
inject your arm with the heroin
the only heroin i’m f-cking taking is the medicine
the medicine to greatness
on my greatness sh-t
youre gotta make a better you that’s why i made this hit
okay, no way
you made a record today
i took an hour and a half
now that’s 90
but half of this record i’m throwing shade
so that’s shade 45
and i’m alive and you done run outta time
(ah, ah, ah)

i will now press; control, alt, delete
cause i’m obsolete
and then i’m crazy when i wanna be
and you don’t wanna be the n-gga that gon’ bother me
cause you gon end up being me in the anomaly
i made new cd with only me on it
now that’s the way it’s gotta be
i got my own phrophet
and i regret moving
from losing
cause losing makes a n-gga appreciate the wins and it’s
(and its, and its)

violins come, in violins come in

i made a song stepping 123
and you don’t wanna step on over to me
cause imma k!ll ya
imma make sure i k!ll ya
and you don’t wanna hit the crossfire if it k!lls ya
now you don’t wanna die during eid
i’m on my flip sh-t
die flipped eid
i’m mean
i made another hit

[bridge 3]
they slip up as pupils
(pupils, pupils)
eat deserts when they stressed
(stressed, stressed)
because they lived with the devil
(with the devil, with the devil)
hope you caught what i said
(what i said)

[verse 4]
june 5th and it’s my mums birthday
and in a way there’s f-cking day you gotta celebrate your life, cause if your life ain’t giving life then that’s an issue
i p-ss you the tissue to dry your eyes
now your eyes are watering
why you wanna cry?
what for cause you lost to the wrath the great?
wait, no, wait
you caught the bait so it’s your fault
it’s your fault
you made a mistake to make amends you gotta pray (ouuuu)

so it’s like that
you up in here relaxed cause you got your backpack
your backpacks full of facts on the wrath sh-t
i need the wrath sh-t to make a darker wrath hit
i guess k’s coming next best be impressed
i guess k’s coming next best be impressed
i guess k’s coming next..

- 80ate testo

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