808x – built to win, born to lose testo

attendere prego...

[intro: 808x]
mans shut down when he heard my tings

[verse: a+reece]
i ain’t surprised we made the news
i wouldn’t be surprised if they told them i’m the reason they eating of pay+per+views
pardon me if i’m rude
i wouldn’t be surprised if she told me, i only know of his music because of you
he bit the hand that fed him
he used to a silver spoon
i used to go to bed without having no dinner food
im waking up to breakfast at tashas in the flamingo room
eating shrimp like the flamingos do
yeah, built to win, born to lose
with that said, i dont think a n+gga is good at doing what a n+gga supposed to do
guess i got a point to prove
married to the music
instead of jumping the broom, im jumping into the booth
on some f+ck a honeymoon

[chorus: big hash]

[verse: big hash]
yeah, young biggie
lets go!
young n+gga winning
is he rapping or singing?
on that wake and bake sh+t
backwoods smell like linen

- 808x testo

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