808taboo – range testo

attendere prego...

skurt off in the range they be looking at me
when i’m hopping out the whip all this drip they see
swear to god i barely flex but they staring at me
watching me like tv
watching me like a screen

ooo yeah i ball
drip so much i need a mop
i don’t even flex at all(flex at all)

ooo yeah i ball
man i swear to god i ain’t even really tall

ooo when i blow up make my family rest and get a coup
swear to god these rapper n-ggas acting like some fools
u can’t stop me now i’m in the mood i really do this

throwing shade you never hit me
when i’m in my twenty’s buying bentleys
i don’t mess with fakies so don’t tempt me
just get out my face i’m not your friend please
taboo throwing shoots it’s getting deadly
it’s getting messi ain’t talking soccer
she tried to disrespect me best believe i had to block her
i’m spitting out these flames i swear i need a doctor
i’m always talking trash because i know that i’m a walker

oo oo oo oo oo oo
my bars are overheating so i keep it cool
oo oo oo oo oo oo
my bars are overheating so i keep it cool

had to switch it up on em that’s how i do this
soon i’ll be in mention they’ll be staring be like who this
stunting on these jokers man i’m balling like a blue chip
i was way too turnt i had to cool it

shawty in my dms and she think that i be playing
no this ain’t not dbz if you know what i’m saiyan
hoping on my downfall don’t be work so just keep praying

all these lil n-ggas can’t faze me
know a couple n-ggas wanna fade me
know a couple n-ggas wanna fade me
but no they can’t keep up cause i’m too wavy

- 808taboo testo

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