808louie – until the end testo

attendere prego...

1 thing on my mind
a b-tch who gon love me is hard to find
like why im always wrong when you so right
or how i fit these bands when my pants tight

in the end
i might die alone wit no friends
i just want good head in a benz
and a b-tch who love me till the end

check up
run that check up
apply the pressure
back when i use to rock sketchers
i can’t cap i look a lil better
now a days my hideaway like calabasas at my place
left the a to michigan i ain’t have no place to stay
i was sleeping on the floor
roaches crawled across my face
fastforward to today
im doing good im blessed im great

hot like taki
make it shake and bake like ricky bobby
life of the party
turn b-tch up and get real gnarly (x2)

- 808louie testo

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