808louie – summer’s gone testo

attendere prego...

shawty went in
when it changed on me
shawty went in, got a f-cking bag on me
if shawty [?]
now i’m like f-ck love
i just want money
perc keep me company
b-tch i’m wavy like i’m in the seas
p-ssy like a flower i’m a bumblebee
she keep blowing my phone like there’s no one but me
don’t f-ck with me
‘caus she get ugly
don’t do free beats, but if you want smoke, then i get that for free

shawty down the road with me, woah
got a thirty clip, which she tote
i get bread and i give it to my folks, i know rondonumbanine with that motherf-cking pow
run up on me murder which she wrote
she might k!ll it yeah she with me ‘cause of c0kes yeah
we don’t like drama so we keep it on the low yeah
and my b-tch fine little n-gga that’s head to toe
i’m the big bro
you the lil’ bro
heard you went and snitch and told

- 808louie testo

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