808louie – reboot testo

attendere prego...

i like watchin’ money now
yeah they count up the action
white folks raisin’ eyebrows
’cause i brought the pack in
yah i (?)
gotta get all mine, you feel me?
and i’m rockin’ the me
said it once but you ain’t hear me
f-ck n-ggas don’t want ’em near me
had to go, cut off my bro
i don’t want the bad energy
gotta keep god close
demons out here tryna get to me
gotta keep the four-four
if he run up then he’s history
i slam it like i’m anaconda
n-ggas want me up in ghana
i’m worldwide up on the ground
n-ggas wanna copy my sound
run around (?)
that’s (?)
underground, like six-feet down
don’t worry about me, i’m up now
all i do is smoke a loud
not a j but i smoke a lot
hit it up in the parking lot
yeah i think hard with my glock
and i keep two, i’m 2pac
pour up, man when am i gon’ stop?
d-mn, when am i gon’ stop?
d-mn i bang this sh-t on future
i probably have a way better future
white like ashton kutcher
we gon’ chop it up, i’m the butcher
hey louie nice to meet you
f-ck i can’t f-ck with people
they hit you up when they need you
how’d you feel when mama couldn’t feed you?
add it up, count it up
add it up, i count it up, i get it back
add it up, count it up
add it up, i count it up, i get it back

- 808louie testo

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