801 rey – home depot freestyle testo

attendere prego...

(verse 1)

i got me a hammer and i got me some nails
i’m nailing ya b-tch while i’m nailing ya walls
she ask for repair so i gave her my b-lls
it was only one time but i’m flooded with calls
your wife she got damaged, lemme go fix her
all it took was my d-ck, now that i fix her
your daughter needs fixing, she’s missing some liquid, and no it’s water, i got the solution
she said to use trojan, i’m usin flex seal, she said she likin the way that it feel, you know what it do, get to more saving, and get to more doing 801 801

(verse 2)

i got me a hammer, and i got me some nails
i needed a lot to hang up these plagues
i got me a lot from having gold tracks
i got me so many, you’d think that i bought em
i thought so myself but then i remembered i’m good
i go in your b-tch like some nails in the wood

home depot freestyle i’m out this sh-t, 801 801

- 801 rey testo

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