800goony – gettin it testo

attendere prego...

kevin katana

[verse 1]
look, all my n-ggas gone r-t-rded
all that gas man this sh-t smell like i farted (stank)
young n-gga caughting cash, i’m just ballin’ (i’m just ballin’)
young n-gga skippin’ school, momma callin’ (momma callin’)
woodied up, smell like og when i walk in (when i walk in)
gat on me and that b-tch gone get to barkin’
pop out b-tch, move in silence, do no talkin’
but that b-tch p-ssy wet just like a faucet

young n-gga run it up
young n-gga run it up
young n-gga serve a brick
young n-gga in the truck
young n-gga hit a l!ck you better get yo’ bands up
lil’ n-gga in that b-tch, better get yo’ bands up

[verse 2]
look, i’m a young n-gga, tryna get that dough
all i wanted was some cash and a lotta hoes
and a bad b-tch, that’s gone gimme throat
huh, when i took her to the store i’m buyin’ all her clothes
and i’m with my n-ggas, they gone tote the poles
blowin’ on the gas, pourin’ up the fours
yeah i took yo’ b-tch, yeah i f-cked your hoe (your hoe)
you don’t want her back, ’cause she got exposed
f-ck her in the whip, now that b-tch in love
yeah my n-gga crip, but i’m bloodied up
i don’t give no f-cks, got it out the mud
let me count these bucks, yeah let me count these bucks
huh, ayy ayy
off that gas she let me f-ck (heyy)
rollin’ with my n-ggas, rollin’ in the truck (heyy)
rollin’ down the windows, n-ggas better duck (ayy)
n-ggas got extendos, it’ll rip you up
young n-gga try an’ run it up
b-tches wanna hit me ’cause they know a n-gga up
hit him in his kidney now that n-gga out of luck
rollin’ off the gat, i said, leave a n-gga stuck
all these b-tches jumpin’ all up on me tryna f-ck (hey)
rollin’ in the stu and my n-gga rollin’ up (hey)
took a n-gga b-tch, yeah i took that n-gga love (hey)
n-gga you is a b-tch, lil’ n-gga yeah w-ssup, yeah w-ssup
ayy, gang

- 800goony testo

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