8 foot sativa – it’s all so real testo

attendere prego...

you said to me that i was the only one
who could keep it true to you unlike anyone
but you were mistakin’ because i f-cked up
but now things have changed i’m sorry for what i’ve done
it’s time to say goodbye but the wars not won
’cause it’s love that keeps us together till the end
never mind what has happened just say
you’ll be mine again

take me to a world that was meant to be
show me the life that was meant for me
all is lost and it’s time to face reality
it’s been taken’ away taken’ away

i know there has been times that have been hard
but we can get through this no matter what was done
you tolf me to trust you and that trust was lost
sleeping with my best friend was the hardest part
i’ve tried to forget, it continues to haunt me
things start to scare me
what lies beneath me
while hiding inside a dark room is starts to maraud me

- 8 foot sativa testo

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