8-ball (gonna get ya) – chunkie puffs testo

attendere prego...

everybody ready?
and a one…and a two…and one, two, three, four!
8-ball’s gonna get ya
b-tch, ooh

[verse 1: 8-ball]
i work 9 to 5, now it’s 9 to 10
book me two shows like i’m julie chen
i’m always working
my back is real hurting
and i’m always fighting like ryu and ken
f-ck a new hater
my clout will get greater
my b-tches mind waiting
i’m getting this paper
my d-ck shoot up like a rocket
money get paid out of pocket
they try to tell me that my musics trash
block on that n-gga and making this cash
f-ck on this b-tch and i’m doing the dash
just like tinder, i tape on that -ss
i act like nike, i just do it (just do it)
check it and i pursue it
textin’ your girl and she knew it
b-tch, i guess you just blew it
i’m bout to get crazy
my flow is real wavy
i’m riding the beat just like i’m patrick swayze
one billion like beyoncé and jay-z
dela-boy rapper, they said that i’m wavy
life with derek, c-ssandra, casey
live for my girl like luigi and daisy
70s thot just like pam macy
don’t f-ck with [?]
he’s racking up bodies
i like [?] bacardi
i’m throwing a party
playing smokepurpp, all he wants is the audi
hit up this b-tch if she bringing her shorty
don’t mean to flex
but i guess i’m up next
so she gave me her number, i smash on your ex
guess she didn’t leave you a text
ed, edd and eddy that show was the best
flapjack and chowder, johnny test
partners a monkey, jake is a pest
stressed like i’m [?] and making a mess
and i can’t waist no time
but i f-ck with 6ix9ine
and your b-tch in my bed and she wear calvin klein
i’m always losing like eric stein
swipe and i’m pressing decline (brrt)
spending on a dime (cha-ching)
why you wasting my time? (time)
like i’m the beat and the number one center
xxl i won’t enter
perform on fargo center
wells fargo center (b-tch!)

[verse 2: mandoszn]
me and 8-ball on the track together
she like me better cus i maker her wetter
catch me out trappin’ no matter the weather
textin’ your b-tch and she got on my sweater
sending me pictures wide open like letters
one day i’ll make it that day i’ll feel better
hoe looking different then when i first met her
dug in my soul till i found out the treasure
then i wrote different and things got real different
she didn’t like me so she kept a little distance
for instance remember the kitchen we whippin’
told me sit down and she told me to listen
ridding the wave and that’s not on my mission
i need my commission get in get to sippin’
drippin’ of water my diamonds they glisten
sh-ttin’ on n-ggas take dumps on they vision
otf gang on my mama
don’t want no drama
walking around with a llama
no i’m not talking bout llamas
meant to say mamas
give me that brain on the counter
cooking that dope feel like chowder
white people nasty cooking it taste like some powder
no b it is not the hour
go take a shower
fishing is not on my platter
gang haha…gang d-mn
shoot out his brains imma splatter
gang haha…d-mn ya
n-gga i’m kiddin’ i’m catholic
gang haha…ya ayy
feeling her hair and it’s plastic
d-mn haha…d-mn ya
all of my bars are fantastic
lil bit salty like sandy ya
chew on my d-ck like some candy ya
spend all my check on my family ya
playing these hoes i’m like andy ya
shout out to nike just do it, ya
spazzing when i’m making music, ya
all of my brothers are ruthless, ya
me and 8-ball we go stupid, d-mn
haha….me and 8-ball we go stupid
me and 8-ball we go stupid, stupid
me and 8-ball we go stupid
pull up with cars and we pull foreigns and all of my b-tches is ruthless, d-mn
all of my n-ggas is ruthless
all of my n-ggas is ruthless
ya, running like nike just do it
running like nike just do it, do it
running like nike just do it
running like nike just do it, do it

- 8 ball gonna get ya testo

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