504 boyz – everywhere i go testo

attendere prego...

a lot of n-gg-s is saying they don’t like me
because i flow so tightly, my wrist wear glow so brightly
but i ain’t gonna quit, n-gg-s know i go hard
and a dog don’t settle for sh-t
you might see me on the block, but if i see the police
i break out, cause i’m allergic to the cops
i just put up a 7-20’s on the drop, i’m fin to take a vacation
with a couple of honies on the yacht
i be the don of this rap sh-t, and my alb-m going platinum
y’all n-gg-s is going double plastic
sh-t’ll get tragic, if one of you fools
choose to make me use my automatic
click-clack-blow, curren$y the hot spitter
here to show you n-gg-s how i get down
doing donuts in a viper, and i probably won’t quit
till i burn all the grip off my tires

[chorus – 2x]
now everywhere i go, they ask what i live for
money, hoes and clothes all a n-gg- know
and when i get my chips, you know what i’ma go and get
a house and kicks, and a couple of whips

now when i pull up, n-gg-s running like trans cars
that’ll buck backwards, in a black jaguar
you n-gg-s is actors, hot spitter the truth
set a fire to the mic, when i step in the booth
none other than me, around town
in the yellow humvee, gun under my seat
you don’t want none of me, cause i’m the man
you can’t spit, like you lost just a life or grand
man, why you n-gg-s wanna rhyme like me
when i leave, watch the women run behind my jeep
now peep me, stay smooth and calm
white air force 1’s, white tux when i went to the prom
100,000 dollar watch on my arm, everytime i step in the club
all the women watching my arm
the hot spitter, and i don’t give a f-ck what you think
i got more ice than a super-size drink, holla back n-gg-

[chorus – 2x]

- 504 boyz testo

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