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50 cent – better come on your a game testo

attendere prego...

“better come on your a game”

[chorus: 50 cent]
n-gg- try and come play me
better come on your a game, ay mayne – ay!
n-gg-z try to move on me
i c-ck the heat, cause a melee, melee – ay!
witness this sh-t, n-gg-z get hit ay!
run with it spit, don’t get hit by the a.k.
take cover quick, n-gg-z on that sh-t ay!
come broad day they’ll get at you with the a.k.

[50 cent]
n-gg-z think they know me, i be on some other sh-t
my baby mama don’t know me, i be with my other b-tch
i blow a stack, i get it back, you keep in check, i get the gat
then you wan’ chitter-chat, now what kind of sh-t is that?
strip club, shake it shake it, toss it up, make it rain
semi tucked, i let it buck, i shoot the sh-t up out your gang
find out who you’re f-ckin with cause i ain’t for the sucker sh-t
cut you like the cocaine, n-gg-z stay in yo’ lane
i’m a muh’f-ckin heavyweight, you ain’t in my weight cl-ss
and me i’m movin heavy weight, get gone with your light -ss
me i’m so official, pearl-handled nickel
plated nine-nine, your life’s on the line


[50 cent]
i don’t give a f-ck who outside, now listen
i don’t give a f-ck who get hit, i ain’t missin
i come through that muh’f-cker wavin the chopper
113th precinct ain’t enough to stop us
n-gg-z shot at me before i got away, popped from a block away
sucker n-gg-z be right there on one foot ’til i rock away
next day i popped up, told n-gg-z it’s my turf
they done seen the gun smoke, they done found my sh-lls burn
sabrina baby special, they treat me like a misfit
i squeeze (rnnn-rnnn) i risk it, i risk it
different cl-ss of n-gg-, my hand around the trigger
don’t make me do it, i’ll do it you stupid n-gg-


- 50 cent testo

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