4za – t-rex flow testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: 4za]
i ain’t wearing masks in public
pulling tubes out of cancer patients, love the suction
kicked the kids off the dance floor, bussin in the function
took the sandwich out the box that baby has their lunch in
p+ssin off a neighbour cos i play my new sh+t loud
waitin in a line i be farting in the crowd
lighting fires to the hospitals around the town
stick on jeans at night but at day i wear a gown
7.50 sharp i send a bullet at your reticule
thinkin bout the next l!ck so long that i start to drool
wanna gauge an eyeball out, you d+mn right that i got the tools
got let out of prison, stupid f+cking guards man they been fooled
hiding in the cupboard so i can scare the residents
writing books on the essence of how great my prescence is
thinking that i’m high? nah b+tch this my second hit
displaying to my cabinet why i should be president
put my shoes on and i’m ready for the day
shoot some f+ckers uncle leave him living with aunt may
bathe in the blood of the bed i lay
wanna see some weird sh+t i can lead you on the way
did i f+ck on your wife i can’t seem to recall
get you in some legal sh+t you better call saul
stealing all the candy from the thrift store and the mall
cut off a man’s leg and leave em having to crawl
i got ya throat and my knife motherf+cker do you hear
is it wise to retaliate well ask your fallen peers
i’ll say this once and i’m gonna make it clear
i got the power make your whole life disappear
first place, first place, first place, first place
park that sh+t i gotta get into first base
to what sh+t calls for my grace
run from my wrath you ain’t got no f+ckin pace
uh, uh, hit that number 2
hit that number 3 and i don’t like apu
old folks home hit a granny with a shoe
blamed it on the caretaker old man screw
i ain’t got no time to pee
i’m the one they wanna see
k!ll the whales fire all the plastic in the sea
sneaky like snake so they won’t see me
5+0 not just pigs they a big bore
played through red dead but didn’t care about the lore
i got rhymes like dimes villain on ya floor
mess with me an you’re gonna get your quads tore
i dance so good you could call me mambo no 5
think i ain’t that pretty well then use your freaking eyes
kai got lp of the year no surprise
but like the bees gees, i’m staying alive uh
[verse 2: 4za]
no airpods, walking home
writing verses, got em off the dome
heartbeat racing bruh i’m in the zone
ticking ticking ticking, metronome
boy on the two seat
listening to lucy
pills take me to sleep
i’m introducing
f+cked myself up too many times it’s getting crazy
luck been run up deep in the mines brains getting lazy
what the fuss for i’m eating limes to still brazy
gun not tucked up no more my mind reject the daisies
don’t think i got a key to the house no more, sh+t
joyriding till i go crash my four whips
slowly slipping still latching on to core six
still i get a tax rebate smashing yo b+tch, sh+t
sitting on the seat pondering where i went wrong
possibly the second bong, possibly the second song
didn’t realise restuarant bills were so long
seven hunnid fifty my balance not strong
runnin thru walls and making human sized holes
see my picture on the news the car that i drove
repod on the market, i lost the pie, so?
bought it last week, am i gonna cry? no
of all people to put on wolves, why sia?
hands all greasy man i gotta stop touching pizzas
why god why did you have to leave us
coulda at least said, anything, see ya?
forgot my netflix password so i’m up in here bored
asked my mum for money, the text got ignored
wishing i was shrek, i just wanna hit a roar
feelin’ kinda down, someone close my door
i didn’t wanna hurt you
i mean it, i didn’t wanna hurt you
remember that day that i broke your belt
didn’t show it, i was begging for your help
made a song about me too i felt i’d do it back
couldn’t see your heart eyes because mine were black
sh+t it scared me to be honest
your love drippin like a faucet
if i saw it i’d have caught it
maybe now i would have shot it
it’s f+cked up right
what i done was f+cked up?
you didn’t notice that it also left me f+cked up
let’s go back to when i got your nose all f+cked up
saying that i miss you, guess my lucks up
possibilities, we could have done so much
you been testing me, side eyes, suck it up
you know what, f+cking grow up
apologies, my anger just snuck up
i wanna cry when it comes up
but i’m fine amn’t i? gonna hit you with a thumbs up
whoever you with now, man they not us
but i’ll keep to that to myself i keep it tucked up
i called you yesterday and you hung up
you hung up

- 4za testo

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