4za – lost in the sauce (interlude) testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: 4za]
young rapper with the lean, i’m like big poppy
sitting in the back and getting sloppy toppy
mrs. tait come up she be like what ho
i be like get out my trap house bro
we drop science, we got the mathematics
shooting these frogs like they are crack addicts
jamabalya mm i eat it on a tuesday
any other food dont eat it on a tuesday
i’m lost in the sauce, get me a retainer
b+tches bossing the cost, they better let me sustain her
pain her, i grain her, i triple double game her
cheese on the counter i’m wondering if they tamed her
my hard drive is corrupted so i’m losing all my files
hard life in the boxes i’m computing on the dial
they mad i’m on the f+cked seat shopping in the aisle
takin all the buck seed and turning it to bile

- 4za testo

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