4vr – angel testo

attendere prego...

angel falling from the moonlight
you broke the fall by landing in my head
i pray your walls can hold up thru the winter
fell through the storm to win the games you’ve led
keep me falling out of time
found both of them, she holds it in, you know your golden
i’m evolving simply by your essence
maybe this could last, i can see the signs

whatchu thinking bout’ lately baby
where you wanna go i’ll go if you take me
kinda wanna love you don’t want you to hate me
practice makes perfect but
practice makes perfect but
you already that
you already thеre
you already that oh

when’s thе next time i’ll see you uh
roll down the window getting foggy let me clear you uh
always been a menace imma haunt you when i see you uh
you don’t ever call me but know that money calling like yeah yeah
pull up with a bag yeah
never read the tag yeah
you worth every penny shawty
angel heaven sent me falling
i think that i love you and i’ll make sure you know

rest in darkness with you
keep me falling out of time
take my time lets breakthrough
don’t hold it in don’t hold it in
you know you’re golden

- 4vr testo

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