4ura & dianna – butterflies testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
you could be my only one
or you could be all the boys i know
all the games you made for me
got me thinking if you’re okay
you call me, i’m alone
maybe i’m just lonely, oh
keep me up all morning babe
cause i’ve been having dreams of you

we go back to something, maybe
maybe we could be more than nothing
maybe we could have it all again
gotta go low, low, low, low
they don’t gotta know
so maybe, maybe
we could have it all again

baby i’m falling down without you
go into hiding
i’ll never be flying, no
baby i bloom just like the colors
feeling alive
in my mind
it’s like b+tterflies over again

- 4ura dianna testo

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