4tm drako – bars pt. 2 testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: 4tm drako & nle choppa]
these n+ggas know before they play with us, they better second guess
dried out with a hundred round, it’ll leave your head above your chest
4tm the sh+t, and i swear anybody would tell you that
that dissin’ sh+t they doin’, that’s the sh+t that’s ’bout to get them scratched
walk up in your party, now don’t worry, i got thirty shots
reaching for this tennis chain, that’s the sh+t that’ll get you shot
play with me like you play with them n+gga, and you ain’t leavin’ now
we snuck plenty straps up in this b+tch, so what they talkin’ ’bout
king of the city, you really can’t step that on my name
when somebody catch a headshot, they blame it on the gang
heard about the last n+gga played, that p+ssy felt some flame
tryin’ to see through my hood n+gga, boy this sh+t ain’t no game
even if you k!ll some, that don’t mean sh+t to me
a n+gga still would run you down, b+tch i’m talkin’ first degree
police get behind me, i’m gone, it ain’t no catching me
hollows hit you in yo’ dome, you better not cop a plea
feds did a sweep in the hood, i had to stuff the glock
everybody “what the f+ck do you mean?” n+gga i don’t need a clock
only thing i need is this ar with a shoulder stock
i bet i split yo’ sh+t, not your legs, b+tch i want your top
and i swear these n+ggas been hatin’ on me
i’m finna drop a new mixtape, ay just wait on me
bars part two, this sh+t official, b+tch i’ve been a g
run up on me, then i bust your brain for thinking this sh+t sweet
i got gang in this b+tch, we gon’ bang in this b+tch
i might let this 30 speak if you play with me
we brought them thangs in this b+tch
for sure i’m ridin’ with my clique (ayy)
i’m talkin’ ’bout dyin’ with my clique if you think it’s sweet (ayy, ayy, ayy)
[verse 2: nle choppa]
creep up on his block, let some shots at him, then i watch him drop
kick down the door at the trap, confiscate everything like narcs
get on the ground, if you make a sound i make the glizzy jump
goon smoking [?] i told him let me hit that junt
i told them b+tches “free toby” and f+ck them mississippi county sheriffs
twenty+four shots at his top like he kobe, gave that b+tch a [?]
and stop acting like you b+tches know me, b+tch i’m in my own world
got the drop on the house from the b+tch, i call that hoe my homegirl
never tell your move, i catch ’em lacking, bullets gon’ surprise ’em
slide on my house while i got this choppa, i wish you tried
they say lil’ choppa wiggin’ out, i’m crashin’ out, and i’ma let it ride
i cracked a smirk when he got popped, but i’ma smile when that n+gga die

[verse 3: tevooo3]
he die, we ride, we slide, we ready to catch a opp
spin the block, spin the block, spin the block, we hop out with them glocks
got sticks, got mops, got drac’s, it make your heart stop
next time to the face, but you know we took his finger off
semi with me, glizzy with me, got my n+ggas spinnin’ with me
extendo in a limo tint and we gon’ send ’em up to [?]
hundred round drum, n+gga better lay low
and f+ck the whole county jail and tell ’em free lil’ huncho

[verse 4: goon big4]
first off f+ck twelve and free [?]
you will get your sh+t split, speakin’ on my dawg name
f+ck covid+19, we still post in them trenches
they can’t stand me, he died, and they say that we did it
but f+ck what they be talkin’ ’bout, you know i’m turnt on them b+tches
it’s so hot up in my city, every week it’s a k!llin’
back to back that b+tch spinnin’
he want none on his belt
you on a mission with your dawg, would you step by yourself?

- 4tm drako testo

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