4thblock kso – harder than hard testo

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2018 i wasn’t myself a n+gga got caught slipping , had to double back show dem n+ggas ian slipping , bills wasn’t paid mama going through it she start flipping , rolling dice in da trap i was set tripping , mama i got you just hold on , yo baby boy coming just stay strong , papa i got you just hold on , yo baby boy coming just stay strong , hitting l!cks every week i was having fun , @12 a n+gga toated his first gun , they up the score they done did it big , we ain’t done we spinning again and again , but f+ck dat they done hit taytay coming off da backstreet , dey got to pay for what they did it’s time to make it happen , ima make sure every n+gga die , cold heart on me time to make his mama cry , all 10 behind me dese bullets gon fly , i can’t speak to much on dis track , just know we spinned da block i craved em in his back , we ain’t hit all of em yk we gotta spin back , his patna tryna help him up boy you outta luck , i hear police sirens yk ion gaf , 2019 mama straight she happy , police still tryna figure out what happened on backstreet , more money more problems , new day more dollars counting dese commas , beef with me i’ll bl!ck ya mama , we ain’t fail yet new bullets but i need a new kel tec , free chapo dat n+gga still ain’t outta jail yet , when u get outta jail ima show you where da sh+lls at , 2020 dese n+ggas steady cap a lot but they ain’t polo g , whatever happens stay in da streets yk i keep it g , some sh+t just happen soon y’all gone b screaming free me , ion speak to much so if yk yk , gotta double back gotta up the sco , bust in get yo b+tch ass on da floor , now i’m on da run that’s how my story go. 2021 i beat the case but ian say to much , ion let n+ggas kno my buisness yk they speak to much , that internet popping for b+tches but it’s gone get u touched , popping percys to hide my pain got me going nuts , had to cut some people off for my better habits , watch who you call yo brothers cause when it go down ppl get to ratting , n+ggas will switch for a ho they get to natting , deno ik you gone but i see yo face everyday feel like i got you tatted

- 4thblock kso testo

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