4th curtis – no artist testo

attendere prego...

i corner her in the back of the room
i corner her in the bottom of my heart
i say h#llo with the raise of my eyelids
she says h#llo in the wake of her hips

that girl in a black dress is all i need
she says she’s no artist
but she paints her lips the shade that i bleed

tell me:
will i be the one to break your heart tonight?
or will i be telling
(my god!)
the same old story?

why do i always fall for the fallen ones?
why do i always break for the broken ones?
i promised myself i would roll with the punches
even if they left me dead by the side of the road
it would be more than worth it
to say i spent one night with you
i could be an artist if you wanted me to

- 4th curtis testo

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