4t dayz – just a baby testo

attendere prego...

this is a war song dedicated to all who try to take man fi fool. i man is a ghetto yout from birth and me nuh tek bad up from nuh bwoy any bwoy dis straight regrets. as an artivist issues addressed in this tune include gang violence, difficulty of working in a badman place as a community organizer (toughening up is a must) & the darkness inside. i also share the street codes and culture
this is just a lyrical warfare, do not try this at home
any props used in the production of the music video should not be taken seriously. they’re for entertainment purposes only

just a baby

rud bwoy you just a baby
rud bwoy you just a baby
budman 4t
rud bwoy you just a baby
rud bwoy rud bwoy you just a baby
ah war times innuh
ah war song dis
rud bwoy you just a baby
rud bwoy rud bwoy you just a baby

verse 1
man grimmy na move spooky
gun carrier you nеver buss shot, we ni rookie
rеspect the bigger heads we skull hot
at the age of 16 nlikua nishaface magistrate kwa court
12 years later bado na fight system rot
budman rules and laws
ndio code nita live by addy day ntakua boss
always on my profit , balance sheet haina loss
walking on a tight rope nisipo balance sh+t life ndio cost
skull crusher nakupasua medulla oblang’ata
pathologist anapata wera unaekwa kwa fridge next stage lang’ata
brutal & savage, nakugeuza mboga design ya cabbage
body bag natumia kueka parts zimebaki kwa garbage
(body bag natumia kuweka parts zimebaki kwa garbage)

rude bwoy you just a baby
rude bwoy rude bwoy you just a baby 4x

verse 2
me no buss no likkle hand ting
niko na cold heart na tall rifle
coz the badmind yout wan see i fall
na fire first kijana ana loose eye ball
more than 20
man get plenty
drop una drop unakua fallen soldier
man wicked still so we nuh tek bad up
any bwoy dis
we go fi dem
circle dem ends geurilla style
man ah sniper usijaribu kunitest
straight head shot
huezi saidiwa na io bullet proof vest
seh dem bad
we badder dan di best
madder dan di rest
nakubakisha na naingia exile, coz dat ah we bad style
(nakubakisha na naingia exile coz dat ah we bad style)
rud bwoy you just a baby
rud bwoy rud bwoy you just a baby

- 4t dayz testo

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