4strate – kakarot testo

attendere prego...

no time for politicking, working for the system is just not allowed, aye
i know some catapillars that ain’t down for pimpin’ for some easy splosh, aye
i got some mad ambition with some talent in it like i’m kakarot, aye
i done hit the dirt but i rose with gold so i’m worth a lot

mix the gold rush with the pain
no attention to the hate
i know it’s always give and take
higher than the ceiling, baked
i don’t even f+cking smoke
ppl and get my cake
how you solid when you shake
everything i come your way
smell the coffee then i lace
disappear without a trace
while n+ggas busy spilling tea
dropping eaves and riding d+ck
spitting, p+ssing on the clique
hoping that we stop and quit
but we gon move until we hit
and i ain’t talking about a l!ck
dawg i’m talking about the bank
talking level of respest
get the love and give it back
up until i reach the crest
up until i…
hit the top and double back for homage, double stack the dibas while we dodging strays
on some paper chasing, work until you make it, get in correlation with the stars above
take it back to basics when you lost and buried, it gets really crazy b’fore your stars align
dm after dm
and i’m ducking demons, slay my opposition like i’m kakarot
like i’m kakarot…
like i’m goku

- 4strate testo

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