4sp3ct – some testo

attendere prego...

sniffin on that weed
sipping on that green tea
started at 13
prolly finish it at 50
i ain’t even drop the song
got it on repeat
ya boi was on bench
now he star athlete

hold up
this a sick beat
sip the bih like some crab meat
big boy
no deadbeat
game over
n+gga tried jump me
now ain’t no heartbeat
no effort n+gga delete
consume then excrete
got em n+ggas screaming retreat

hold up
who this
spread the booty like i spreadsheet
she sat on mad+ck like a car seat
this ain’t no uber this a mazi
i then took the bih ausy
this x lil no nasi
that p+ssy taste like salami
took the map out

you on like me+ tuff
i still slept slept in a rari
u hating coz i got money
in the dark
this ice sunny
they see my moves
they go dummy
she say it in her tummy
ice making n+gga nose runny

slow down
what’s the hurry
that p+ssy taste like some honey
she see my fit
too saucy
i was trapping early in the morning
lame n+ggas
they too boring
n+ggas really got me snoring
sketch that bih like issa drawing
old heads i be ignoring
these n+ggas know i be toying
hating n+ggas really annoying
yeh… let’s get serious
back then was kinda oblivious
i felt my energy deciduous
then woke up, d+mn was ingenious
realized life was mysterious

they took me as if rebellious
i never really felt rebellious
to them i was too young
so they never took me too serious
too young to feel self contentious
too young to be so self conscious
too young to feel like we had a higher purpose other than the one they had set for us

i hope you n+ggas remember me
not jus a distant memory
not jus some n+gga that said some bout his own luxury
not a n+gga who jus woke up one day and decided to flex on his jewellery
i still got love for my family
i still got love for my enemies
i still got love for those that hate me, thinking i’m some form imagery
i still have my own will
i still have a consciousness
i pass on to you at my deathbed
the goal to find happiness

- 4sp3ct testo

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